Saturday, April 08, 2006

They're Baaaaaack!

Picked up the spawn today in Coloma, Michigan -- a depressing little town that apparently used to be called Dickerville. Dickerville?! I hardly know 'er... ville.

The kids seemed genuinely happy to see me, which is bonus. They were sad to say goodbye to Gramma and Grampa but I think they realized that if they spent even one more day with my folks, they'd end up in some sort of refined-sugar-overload diabetic coma. My mom sent along a tupperware container with about 40 M&M cookies in it that is basically empty now, thanks to the old lady and myself. I swear, my BM tomorrow is gonna look like an M&M studded roll of cookie dough gone horribly wrong. Except that it will be floating in the toilet and it will stink really bad.

I just ordered a new scanner tonight so I can scan in the unbelievable book that Mr. Z made chronicling his trip to Chicago. It is truly awesome. It even has an illustration of the water park they visited. Here's a shitty photo of the cover:

and here's the back cover:

Like I said... it's awesome.

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