Friday, April 07, 2006

Party's Over, Who Needs a Ride Home?

Well, the kidlets are coming back tomorrow. I'm picking them up in a random parking lot of a random McDonalds, somewhere in western Michigan. Right around here:

I'd like to say it has been fabulous not having them around for a few days, but aside from the fact that I had one or two good meals and I didn't have to drop anyone off at school, it really hasn't been all that relaxing. I didn't get to sleep in, I'm losing my mind with this asinine project at work (aw yeah, I said it!) -- frankly, it'll be nice to hang with the little rapscallions again to put all this other carp back into perspective.

I talked to Mr. Z and Miss O briefly today to see how things were going with Gramma and Grampa. They had just gotten back from seeing a musical version of "Alice in Wonderland." I'm tellin' ya, it's all-stimulation-all-the-time out there! Mr. Z was thrilled that the Cheshire Cat was played by Elvis. The boy loves his Elvis. We've taught him well, mommah.

Apparently, on the train, the other day, they had quite the meal. Here's the menu, according to Mr. Z:

MR. Z: I had a "Take 5" bar, a Sprite and muffin!

ME: Hey, that's quite a meal there! What did Miss O have?

MR. Z: Um... she had Animal Crackers, juice and a muffin.

ME: Yummm....

MR. Z: Oh yeah, and she had 30 grapes.

ME: Thirty! That's a lot.

MR. Z: Okay, see ya!

So at least they're eating well.

And here I wasn't allowed to have sugar cereal when they raised me. Go figure.

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