Thursday, April 13, 2006

Scanner?! I Just Bought a Scanner... her.

My new scanner came today! Wheee! I've decided to test it out with a new book that Mr. Z wrote at school today. It's called "Martin of Mux" and it is billed as "A Prequel to Ree," a series he has just started penning. Personally, I think it's great shit, but then again, I'm thrilled when he makes a solid BM. So here it is -- Volume #1 of "Martin of Mux." [click on the pics to make them magically grow!]

[the cover]

[the characters]

[the setting]

[chapter 1]

[chapter 2]

[chapter 3]

[chapter 4]

[back cover]

There it is. I have book #2 as well, but I'm not that cruel. I won't post that for at least another week.



Megan said...

i don't think tolkein or jk rowling were writing at this caliber when they were seven. your son is going to be a billionaire.

crabbydad said...

And if I have my facts straight, neither Tolkein nor Rowling had a solid BM until they were well into their 9s.