Saturday, April 15, 2006

Boring Entry Alert -- Whoop! Whoop!

Just booked my flight to Bozeman. I'm such an asshole, I didn't book it last night and the tickets shot up like $400. So now I have to leave on Saturday instead of Friday to get the cheaper price. Fucking moron.

Nothing really exciting happened today. It was a beautiful day. Mr. Z and I washed the car, we all had a picnic on the front lawn and I was even able to swim today. Fucking apple pie and hot dogs here in Okemos today.

Mr. Z and I went to Dick's Sporting Goods and got him some new Teva's. I thought about buying a new bathing suit. They had these lycra bike-short kinda suits there, but I feel like I just can't do that to my fellow swimmers at the Y. It's just not polite, outlining my delicates like that for everyone. I'll stick with the trunks.

When we passed the Speedo's, I told Mr. Z that we used to call them "ball-kinis" when we were kids. I thought he was going to shit his pants, he was laughing so hard. Then I had to get him to stop repeating it long enough for me to buy the sandals from the female teenage cashier. Ball-kinis. At Dick's. Heh-heh.

Other than that, I've got nada for you.

Oh, I watched "The Sting" on AMC tonight. Great movie. There you go. And I hid a bunch of plastic eggs filled with jellybeans and malted milk eggs all over the house. And I ate about eight pounds of jellybeans and malted milk eggs.

I'm sure I'll be crabbier tomorrow.

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