Thursday, March 02, 2006


What is with this f*ing school district?! School is closed today, again! There's not even any goddamn snow on the ground! It rained a little last night and there was a little ice this morning but good god, these people close their doors if a stiff breeze kicks up.

Now, the three hours I'm supposed to have on a Thursday are gone. I have to stick the kids in front of Spongebob and try to make it through this stupid meeting this morning, hoping one of them doesn't kill the other during a commercial. I mean, what do families do who don't have a schedule as flexible as mine? What if someone's working at McDonalds? I doubt they're going to keep their job if, every two weeks or so, they have to call in sick because Central elementary decides to close up shop because of a high pollen count.

Who's in charge of deciding when to cancel school. Is it some Howard Hughes guy, holed up in some watchtower somewhere, with maps and doppler radars and barometers intermingled amongst his boxes of kleenexes? "Oh dear, precipitation in Sector 7. Sound the alarms, SOUND THE ALARMS!!!!"

You know, if I weren't so damn inert, I would run for the school board. Then I'd make it one of those year-round schools. No five day President's Day weekend. No Wednesday before Thanksgiving. No "Teacher's Inservice" days. Those are the biggest hunk 'a bullshit. Teacher's inservice, my ass.

These people out here! You live in MICHIGAN, people! The weather sucks. Deal with it! Strap on your snow shoes and walk to school if you have to but open the damn doors and start a-learnin' my kids!


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