Friday, March 03, 2006

Mr. Arthur Farteigh

So last night, Mr. Z was having a bath and, for some reason, I blurted out the old schoolyard classic:

Artie Farty had a party,
Everyone was there.
Suzie Blewsie let a doozy,
And all the kids ran out for air.

Well, Mr. Z cracked up and said, "That's hilarious! Who wrote that?"

Who wrote that?! Classic. So I replied, "Uh, I think it was William Shakespeare."

And he said, "Really? No way."

I explained that I was joking but he was obviously quite taken with this little verse. He said, "I think it's autobiographical. What if it were written by Artie Farty?"

And I said if it were, he probably went by the name Arthur Fartie. Mr. Z agreed wholefartedly.

Then he asked, "So what happened after everyone went out for air? How does the next verse go?" I informed him that I didn't think there was a second verse. I had always assumed everyone just went home, pissed off because Susie Blewsie had fouled the party with her unwelcome derriere derring-do.

Well, the boy didn't seem to want to accept that and is now going to write the "rest of the story." I can't wait. It'll be nice to finally wrap up the mystery of Mr. Fartie's soiree and its hasty adjournment. Maybe we'll find out what happened to poor Ms. Blewsie. Did she bounce back from her flatal faux pas or did she spiral down into a murky pit of gassy gloom. It's now in Mr. Z's hands...

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