Tuesday, February 28, 2006


I feel like carp today. I think I have the bird flu. Miss O is sick -- I'm sure I inadvertantly ate some of her snot or something. I hate when she gets sick. It always starts out as just a head cold and then gets in her chest because she has this mild asthma thing that kicks in. She had her tonsils/adenoids taken out last September, and during the surgery she kind of aspirated some crap into her lungs. She ended up in the ICU for a couple of days and now, whenever she gets sick, we have to follow this very regimented schedule of meds and breathing treatments to make sure it doesn't get out of control. She's a trooper, though. It doesn't really seem to bother her. Meanwhile, I'm hovering by the side of her bed at midnight, listening to see if she's still breathing. Sometimes, if I can't hear anything, I'll adjust her sheets until she rolls over and then I'll feel better. Ah, she's still alive. Now I can sleep. That's me: dad of the year.

One positive about all this is that since her surgery, Miss O has gained about 10 pounds. Is that insane? Since September. Five months. Two pounds a month. Of course, now she's going to probably grow to be 6 foot 8 or something. And weigh like 3 hondo. Maybe we should have left just one of the tonsils in to keep her at a more respectable size.

Oh, Mr. Z had his first piano lesson yesterday with our friend Randy. It went pretty well. I was worried that the boy wouldn't be able to sit still for a half an hour but he did great. Amazing. Basically, he can totally focus/relax/not spaz out if he's in school or in some sort of learning-based situation but outside of that, he completely flips his lid. Maybe I should set the house up to look like a giant classroom. Or at least the kitchen. Then, I could get him to stay in his seat while he's eating by presenting a new lesson each meal. "Tonight, we're going to learn about similes... SIT DOWN AND FINISH YOUR PEAS!"

I want to lie down.

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