Friday, March 17, 2006

If A Blog Disappears and No One is Around...

My blog was down for two days and I was a lot more stressed about it than I thought I'd be. I think it's because I've actually gotten comments (like, two) from real-live civilians out there and I was foolishly starting to believe that I had something to say in this thing that people might actually want to respond to... to which to respond... to. Well, Blogger showed me that I actually don't have anything to say and promptly shut my skinny ass down. Touche, Blogger. Touche.

So, I basically couldn't work for most of today as I was tending to a sickly Miss O. She was up a lot throughout the night (my night "on duty," of course) with a fever and a nasty sounding phlegmy cough... a phlough, if you will. I let her sleep in, which she did, and when she got up, she was literally as white as a sheet. A white sheet. That had been bleached. I was kind of worried until she puked up a bunch of snot into the garbage can. After that, she returned to her normal color which I'd compare to a white sheet that hasn't been bleached. I'll tell ya, the girl is practically clear, she's so white.

She watched about one complete disk of "The Electric Company," which she and I both dug, and then perked up once the Motrin kicked in. That shit is like liquid gold. Before she took it she was spread out on the couch like braunschweiger on a kaiser roll. But once it took hold, she was literally dancing around her room singing:

I'm dancing in my nipples,
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!
I'm dancing in my nipples,
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

I smell another hit! We'll record that one right after "Slippery Dick." Ah, youth. I think we all wish we were dancing in our nipples, don't we? I know I do.

And the big news: I'm actually "going out" tonight. Randy, the fiance of a woman the old lady works with at the University, is a musician and he's the guy who's giving Mr. Z piano lessons. Anywhich, the old lady has been trying to set up a "play date" between the two of us for quite a while. Both musicians, both homebodies, etc. Although he actually has friends, so there's not as much at stake for him. So, he invited me to see this band called "The Harvestmen" tonight at the Temple Club. Better bring my yarmulke. 'Cuz it's at the Temple Club... and they wear those in temple... heh... er...

All I know is I'm going outside! Woo-hoo!


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