Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Mind -- She is Blown!

I just received my "The Electric Company" four dvd set today and my shit is freaking out. Miss O and I watched part of the first disk today. Holy crap. First of all, it's an incredible show. It couldn't have come at a better time as Miss O has been really getting into reading of late and the show was totally geared toward early readers. I now know why the illiteracy rate is out of control in this country. They stopped showing "The Electric Company." I mean, pedagogically, the show is rock-solid. You can't even compare the crap on Noggin or PBS to this show. And it's hilarious. And groovy. Like 'shroomin' groovy.

Bill Cosby, Morgan Freeman, Rita Moreno -- they're some heavy hitters. But the one that freaked me out the most was Judy Graubart. She played "Jennifer of the Jungle"? Remember? You won't unless you see her. And I just did a search for her on Google images and there's nada. She was also in one of my favorite movies, "Simon," with Alan Arkin. Ah, here's a not great picture of her from an old "Crunch and Munch" commercial:

Remember her now? Holy crapstain.

The show also has Skip Hinnant, who I COMPLETELY forgot about. He played Fargo North Decoder on the show. Yeah, there's no way you'll remember this guy, but when I saw him I dropped a major turd in the old trousers.

Anyway, if you ever watched "The Electric Company" buy this set. You'll piss yourself. Put on a diaper and watch it.

Here's a link to a trailer for it.

My day with Miss O was pretty good. I took her to the mall for "Chinese food," which is pineapple chicken and she'd eat it everyday if she could. It's from Panda Express and it tastes like carp, but she digs it, so hey. Also bought a pizza stone at Marshall Fields (apostrophe 's' or no? I know not.) I need it to perfect the Italian loaves I plan to make with my new mixer, if you must know.

On the way home, Miss O was looking at the giant piles of nasty, muddy ice-snow glaciers lining the mall parking lot and said, "That snow looks like newspapers." I love that. I could never think of something like that. I've gotta record more songs with her. She's ripe for recording. Maybe this weekend.

This post is very boring. Now I know why most of the popular blogs just link to other sites. It's impossible to crap out something interesting every day. Though I did crap out something this morning that bordered on interesting. All right, I'm reverting to poop. That means it's time to sign off.

Tomorrow I shall regale you with the results of the First Annual Jellyvision Mustache-Growing Contest. I am entered and hope to make a respectable showing. I must sleep for I have some serious trimming to do, come morning.

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