Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Sick Mind of a Seven Year Old

Apparently, Mr. Z had a substitute teacher today at school. It sounded like things were a little more freeform in class, and they were allowed to draw cartoons and write non-classwork kinds of things throughout the day. The following are a few of the things Mr. Z brought home to share with me. He seems to have been working on a personal constitution and some accompanying laws...

"We the pepoll of the USA say all pepoll be treetid equilee and Boise eat candy 4 24 hours."

Law #2000
"Boys can eat candy every day for 24 hours."

Law #2001
"Central School can have an arcade."

Law #2002
"We have recess for 24 hours."

Law #2003
"Boys play video games while girls hop in toilets and play Barbies."

Law #2004
"We have Creative Writing, Mythology, Empires, Poetry and Yu-gi-oh all day."

There it is. The Utopian society for a seven-year-old boy consists of a 24 hour candy-eatin', recess havin', arcade visitin', Mythology-based bacchanal where the girls sit in toilets while playing with dolls.

Hey, count me in!

Oh, and the Consti-looti-too-too-tion part, which totally cracked me up, was written in a wacky, olde Englishe style of writing, with backwards S's and N's. The kid cracks me up.

You know, I should let him eat candy for 24 hours and see how much he likes it. Five bucks says that after about 4 hours he'd be amending the shit out of Law #2000.

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