Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Miss O: 1, Crabbydad: 0

I'm screwed. Miss O just called me on one of my classic Dad lines and rendered it useless. I was trying to cut her fingernails and she kept pulling her hand away and sticking it under her pillow. I said, "Miss O, you've gotta keep your hand here so I can cut your nails."

She replied, "Dad! I can't flip the pancake if you're doing that!"

And I logically replied, "I'll flip YOUR pancake if you don't give me your hand!" A classic, I know.

Normally, at this point, the child would stop their ill-advised behavior and, based on this odd statement that vaguely sounded threat-like, would submit to the cutting of the nails.

She just said, "Right, Dad. That doesn't even mean anything." And she continued "flipping the pancake."

You win this round, Miss O. But just you wait. Cuticle vengeance will be mine.

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