Thursday, March 30, 2006

And When I Woke up, My Pillow Was Gone

Last night's dream:

So, I'm hanging out in a park with a few of my 'friends,' though I have no idea who they were. Apparently, as a wacky prank, we had just buried another friend of ours in the ground and sealed the hole with a metal cover which was then bolted into the ground. Hilarious, huh? We were all standing around the site chuckling in a Butt-Headian manner.

Then, slowly, each of the bolts started unscrewing, one by one. We stood there, incredulous, as our friend began the process of unearthing himself. Don't ask how he was unscrewing these giant steel bolts. Maybe he had a Leatherman in his pocket. Those things are pretty handy.

Finally, he frees himself and declares, "All right, now you fuckers are dead!" But he's not really mad. It was the kind of reaction someone would have had if their friend had just snapped them with a wet towel in gym class.

He pulls out a pellet gun and starts shooting at us. Yeah, a pellet gun. Odd. Anyway, I bolted from the scene and hid behind a tent that was set up near a wooded area. From my vantage point, I could see him pegging each one of my 'friends' with his air pistol. They would scream in pain, rub their wound and then join him as he searched for the next victim.

I'm realizing now that this sounds a bit like a shitty, Rated-G Zombie movie.

Finally, the victim recognizes me and starts coming at me with his gun pointed at my head. I'm pleading for my life, saying "Please! Don't shoot me, man! I had nothing to do with burying you! It was all the other guys!" Crap, am I an asshole or what?! Giving up my buddies because I didn't want to be shot with a pellet gun. Though those things can leave quite a welt. I sure hope a burglar/murderer never breaks into my house because five bucks says I'd give up my family in a heartbeat.

Bad dream short, just as the guy is about to pull the trigger (and I'm realizing right now that I think the guy with the gun was "Jerry" from the movie "Three O'Clock High") I disappear and find myself in the hallways of Deerfield High School, my old high school. I'm late for class and I have no idea where my locker is.

Then I woke up and had to pee. Crap, I'm even a moron in my dreams.

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