Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Who You Calling a Fairy, Kid?!

Mr. Z has finally lost another tooth. I was getting worried there for awhile. The boy's seven and, until yesterday, has only lost three choppers. I'll bet the rest of 'em will all fall out at once. Mass tooth exodus. That would be awesome.

So, it falls out and he says, "Dad, I know you're the tooth fairy."

And I say, "What?! That's ridiculous! Have you ever seen me come into your room and put money in there? Besides, what would I do with your tooth? Throw it out? Come on!"

And he kind of bought it. In the why-should-I-even-question-this cuz-I'm-getting-money-out-of-this-deal kind of way. Smart kid.

I was all prepared to type up a little note and put the cash in his room when I got caught up by that new show "Sons and Daughters." It's a bit of a "Arrested Development" ripoff, but I actually found it mildly entertaining. Bottom line, I forgot to put the note/cash in his room.

I woke up at 3 AM in a panic. I stumbled downstairs and printed out a note from the T.F. reading:

Dear Zeke,
FINALLY! I've been waiting for this tooth for MONTHS! You should really start eating more Laffy Taffy and caramels. And don't forget to drink your milk.
The Tooth Fairy (who is definitely NOT your dad)

I put the note and a couple of bucks on his night stand, swiped the tooth and went back to bed, unable to fall back to sleep for about two hours. At 7:00 he ran in, all excited, waving the note and the cash. Sure, I didn't get any sleep but a grinning, toothless Mr. Z made it all worthwhile. Awwwwww.

Though I have absolutely no idea where I put the damn tooth.


Dave said...

Have you looked in the garage where you put the maserati?

crabbydad said...

Brilliant, Dave! That's probably where it is. Must've fallen into the hood scoop.