Monday, September 17, 2007

What McStinks?!

Well, Mr. Z is so grateful for all of your purchases and his pending prize bo-nanza, that he has dusted off the ol' singin' box and recorded a brand new tune -- "The Stinky McSewer Theme Song"! It's a rough mix, but shit, after compressing the fuck out of it for the innernecks, the mix doesn't really matter, now, does it. Let me know if you can't hear the vocals enough, or if there's too much marimba, or whatever. I'll also print the words, 'cuz his Tom Waits imitation makes the translation a little wacky. Enjoy!

"The Stinky McSewer Theme Song" by KICKSOME

(© 2007 by MR. Z and KICKSOME)

Stinky Mc, Stinky Mc, Stinky McSewer
Stinky Mc, Stinky Mc, Stinky McSewer

Stinky is a shark with tons of friends
They sometimes get in trouble but the fun never ends!

Stinky Mc, Stinky Mc, Stinky McSewer, yeah!

[repeat first part, again]

Stinky and Carol and Ellen and Iggy
When they solve crimes they sometimes get wiggy

Stinky Mc, Stinky Mc, Stinky McSewer, yeah!

Stinky! Carol! Ellen! And me Iggy!

[repeat first part... AGAIN!]

Grif is an evil stuff-stealin' guy
But for Stinky and his friends he's just a French fry!

Stinky Mc, Stinky Mc, Stinky McSewer
Stinky Mc, Stinky Mc, Stinky McSewer
Stinky Mc, Stinky Mc, Stinky McSewer, Yeah!



queen lisa of montreal said...

You win.
You are the coolest Dad....EVER.

seizuresalad said...

Hi Queen Lisa! Nice to see you over here.

One of my favorites so far, love the Tom Waits feel ("Stinky McSewer...what's he building in there?)

crabbydad said...

C'mon Queen Lisa, the coolest? That's going a little too far. I'll settle for "least likely to do any permanent psychological damage."

And thanks, seizure. I don't know what Stinky's building, but I heard he has an ex-wife in some place called Mayor's Income, Tennessee, and he used to have a consulting business in Indonesia.

And what's that tune he's always whistling?

Kim said...

It's very "Tom Waits goes to Jamaica for a pina colada!" Catchy!!

nora said...

Ah, my new toilet plunging -- which I do with alarming regularity at work, theme song.

I've been so frustrated by the plumbing situation that our brand new class thinks I'm a sewer babbling savant. Last week the sewer-line-unclogging guys had to snake (oh, how I wish that was a euphemism for something sexy) 150' to find a roll of toilet paper that was flushed down the mens room potty.

Our new class of students started yesterday. Our chef instructor gave me this great Grand Ole Opry introduction. These poor folks were expecting me to say something brilliant, looking forward to me mentoring them and guiding their career.
All I did was babble about treating the toilets at SH like you would your toilet at home.

It went over like a lead turd. I later realized that most of our students live in shelters or, um prison, where I don't want to think of the toilets.

For today's entertainment, I had a fire a popular staff member. Those poor students are really afraid of me -- and that is a big feat.

crabbydad said...

Thanks Kim! (though I can't imagine Mr. Waits ever drinking a pina colada... unless it was made with Rye).

Nora, what a crappy day. But you know what to do when life gives you clogged toilets -- make clogged toilet lemonade! Next time your students look to you for words of wisdom, just quote Stinky: "Wah wah wahwah wah wah waaah!" I guarantee that'll make them even more afraid of you.

queen lisa of montreal said...

A pi-rye-colada?
Jesus. That just made my esophagus cry like a little girl.

Jerry said...

That song was great. Where ever did you find a Mariachi band in Michigan?

crabbydad said...

Jerry, I found them in the corner of the basement, next to the sump pump. Nice guys.