Sunday, September 16, 2007

He's Got a Way with the Ladies...

First off, thanks to all of you who have supported Mr. Z in his quest to sell more crap than a first-rate turd-salesman. I think he's up to 20 credits, so far, which qualifies him for the "already-broken-yo-yo," the "t-shirt-of-unwearable-size," the "electronic-plushie-of-annoying-repetitiveness," and, of course, the "eardrum-perforating-whistle-horn."

And for those who haven't visited yet, I'm sure there's plenty of crap left!!!

We had a great weekend, but I'm too tired to recap it now, so I'll just offer up a conversation Mr. Z and I had while he was taking a shower tonight. It started when I shouted into the shower:

ME: Hey, you know, next year in jr. high, you're going to have to shower after gym class every day... NAKED, with all your friends!

MR. Z: NO WAY???!!! Why do I have to do that?!

ME: 'Cuz that's how they roll in jr. high. The girls have to do it, too.

MR. Z: [thoughtful pause] Life must be hard if you're a jr. high girl.

ME: Why?

MR. Z: Because you have to take naked showers with a bunch of naked girls and naked girls are NASTY!!!

ME: Well, my friend, you're not going to think that for long.

MR. Z: Yeah I will! They have big fat boobs!

ME: First, jr. high girls don't have big fat boobs. And B, what are you talking about?!

MR. Z: They're all, 'Ooh, I have big fat boobs!'

ME: Dude, finish your shower! And don't forget to wash your nards.

Holy shitstain, I'm not ready for jr. high again...

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