Sunday, September 23, 2007

... and Boy, Is My Coccyx Tired!

Just got back from taking the kids to see G'ma and G'pa over the weekend in suburban Chi-town. A whirlwind ass-ripper, to be sure, but all in all, worth the whirling rippage. Some highlights:

* the Accord, which we just got serviced, is now shaking on the highway when we go above 80, and the brakes (which we were told were fine) sound like the pads were replaced with a thick slice of ham wrapped in pinecones. So that's excellent!

* the Old Lady and I went out to dinner with some (of her) friends on Friday night and, while the company was great, the meal kinda sucked for everyone except me. My scallops and risotto were pretty fucking good, but everyone else was kinda pissed with their dishes. Consensus was "West Town Tavern" gets two thumbs up... my risotto-caked asshole.

* we went to the Shedd Aquarium on Saturday and saw every fucking fish they had on display. Mr. Z had a blast, Miss O enjoyed it for about 15 minutes before she started whining and demanding to leave. Got her to clam up (ha!) with some shitty lunch in the cafeteria and a stuffed dolphin at the gift shop. Why did we give in to her? Hey, what can I say... that's a-moray:

* realized that if I take more than three days off from blogging, my posts start to really suck ass and I rely on shitty puns to get me through it

* we measured the spawnages' heights on the wall in my parents' laundry room -- both Mr. Z and Miss O have grown TWO-AND-A-HALF INCHES SINCE JANUARY!!! No wonder Mr. Z has been occasionally complaining that "my legs hurt." He's a goddamn Stretch Armstrong. I've gone ahead and ordered the caged railway car and we're going to drive them out to Coney Island next summer to cash in on some of that freakshow money. We'll really rake it in if I can get Miss O to grow a beard by July.

What else? Uh, that's about it. No time to stop for Trader Joe's or good bagels, so that blew. I'm tired, dehydrated and crabby. In other words, back to normal.


Kim said...

Wow. All the way to Chicago and no Trader Joe's. That's cruel AND unusual punishment!

BTW, I got my magazine voucher from Innisbrook yesterday. Nice to see they didn't rip me off! I hope Mr. Z earned lotsa free crap.

crabbydad said...

Yeah, Kim, we drove RIGHT BY T.J.'s on the way home, but we just didn't have it in us to stop. Guess I'll have to go without some chili lime nuts in my mouth until Thanksgiving.

Wait... that didn't come out right.

And it's good to see Innisbrook is at least timely with their delivery-of-the-crap. "Innisbrook: It's Shitty, but It's on Time!"

Anonymous said...

and sadly, coney island probably won't exist anymore by next summer. goddamn developers!

sarah said...

I too have received a lovely packet o' crap from Innisbrook...and for a brief moment I felt like STeve Martin in the Jerk... "The Innisbrook is here, the Innisbrook is here!!!!"

I'm thinking of wrapping up wrapping paper as a gift. hee hee.

Congrats on the online world allowing parents to get out of hand delivering their offspring's merchandise! Well done Crabby!