Wednesday, January 31, 2007

And That's Egg-Sac-ly Why You Shouldn't Share Combs...

Got a nice note in Mr. Z's school folder today. It starts out:

"We would like to inform you we have been advised that a student in your child's class has been diagnosed with head lice."

So that's a bonus. Who the fuck gets lice, nowadays? What's next, a note from Miss O's class about a kid with scurvy?

Guess we'll just have to follow the advice from the principal: "If you find nits, don't panic." We won't be panicking, though, 'cuz we won't be finding any nits. Here are tomorrow's outfits that I picked out for the spawn:


Jon said...

Don't forget to give them "Silkwood" style showers when they get home.

Better safe than nitty.

Rose said...

Awww, Man. Good luck with that. Getting rid of 'em is a pain in the arse (lice, not the kids).