Monday, January 08, 2007

To Do: 1) Eat Dinner, 2) Drink Tea 3) Baggin...

Well, my cold has gone south on me and is now more flu-y in nature, what with the wheezing and the coughing and the NOYVIN! I'm going to make this short so I can hurry off to bed to not sleep and be incredibly uncomfortable for nine or so hours. And hock.

I did want to mention that I'm strangely be-tickled by the fact that Crabbydad is now the fifth search result on Google for "tea baggin." Since this post, I have noticed that 1-2 searches per day have led people to this humble blog. I fucking love that. I love that there is a constant stream of people who need information on this topic. What are they looking for? Did a co-worker drop the phrase in conversation and they need a definition? Are they looking for the proper method of "baggin'." A diagram, perhaps? Why do they all leave off the "g"? Do they think they'll look "cooler" to the folks at the Pentagon who are eavesdropping on their web searches? "Well, sir, we have someone in Milford, Connecticut who's making some questionable queries, but... well, they seem pretty darn hip, so I figure we can let it pass."

Or maybe it's all very innocent. Maybe it's some granny down in Florida who is searching for the best way to steep her Chamomile... and who also likes to take sweaty ball sacks into her toothless maw.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to clean up this basement and then go to bed. There's so much junk down here. Hey, where did that Rusty Trombone come from?!


Jon said...

Is "Rusty Trombone" some kind of euphemism within the tea baggin' community?

Has every entry in this blog been some kind of coded message to tea baggin' sleeper cells throughout the US from their Supreme Tea Baggin' Guru?

I don't know whether to feel happily ignorant or sadly ill-informed.

crabbydad said...

I think it's safe to say that if you don't know what a "Rusty Trombone" is, you're much better off.

Unless that's your thing, in which case, you should do a Google search... which... will probably lead you right back here.

Never mind.

EOB said...

Toothless maw, what a tasty image.

In general, does a "rusty trombone" cost more or less than a "bent Glockenspiel"?