Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sing It, Mr. Z!

Probably the quickest turnaround time for a Kicksome tune, but "Guanaco Land Theme Song" is done. It's no "Grandma's Birthday Cake," but I like it, Mr. Z likes it, and it got us recording again, so what the shit.

Here it is in all its compressed-for-the-internets glory:

"Guanaco Land Theme Song" by MR. Z & KICKSOME

And in case you couldn't navigate 'round the lisp, here are the lyrics:

Guanaco Land, Guanaco Land
It's really cool, It's really fun
Guanaco Land

Mr. Guanaco's an orangutan
And he's really funny
Mrs. Guanaco is a llama
But her name is Guanaco

Anteater Guanaco is a goldfish
And he can walk on land (land, land)
Ankylie Guanaco is a dino
And she is orange, that dino girl!

Guanaco Land
Is a haven for
Many different kinds of animals!

© 2007 Kicksome Music


Jon said...

This is definitely going on heavy rotation in our house.

crabbydad said...

Excellent. Hopefully there will be more coming soon. And if you haven't heard the old stuff, it's here:

Jon said...

Thanks for that. I'm now going to be singing "Wonderwoman Won" to myself for the rest of my life.

Arnie said...

When can I put in a preorder for the next CD?

natasha said...

Definitely my new favorite song.

crabbydad said...

There's more on the way, peoples. Gonna work with Miss O this weekend on the "Meep Flop" song. Should be painful!