Thursday, January 18, 2007

But I Had "Not-Its" Forever!

So, I guess there's this whole "meme" thing going on in the blogosphinctre wherein people make these lists and shit and then basically chain-letter a bunch of other people into doing the same. Apparently people do this... it's news to me, but it must be related to that Billy Idol "get-laid-get-fucked" Mony, Mony thing that all of the sudden came outta nowhere in 1984 that everyone seemed to know about except me, so what the shit.

Anywhich, I was "tagged" by Shannon at Simply Cooking and since I don't really have any real friends, I should probably not start alienating the fake online ones that I pretend to have. So, I guess I have to play along. Shit, it's easier than writing a real entry, so why the fuck not. Here goes...

Three people/things that make me laugh
Louis C.K., the spawn, farts (real or faux)

Three things that scare me
twins, triplets, Germans

Three things I love
cold Chinese food, picking off dead skin, making music (and yes, in that order)

Three things I hate
morons, the chicken casserole my mom used to make that my brother and sister both loved, making appointments on the phone

Three things I don’t understand
religion, when the odds of something are like 1:2, euchre

Three things on my desk
a monkey-wearing-a-fez candle, a pile of smooth rocks from Lake Michigan, old booger dust

Three things I want to do before I die
move back to Chicago, make one friend, lose consciousness

Three things I can do
parent, create music, wipe my own bottom (and yes, in that order)

Three things I would like to learn:
how to use the sewing machine the old lady got me last year for my birthday that's still in the unopened box, how to make cool furniture, how to play the pedal steel guitar

Three favorite foods
cold Emperor's chicken, mashed potatoes, green olives

Three beverages I drink regularly
Italian red wines, water, Genmaicha brown rice green tea

Three TV shows/Books I watched/read as a kid
Lancelot Link Secret Chimp, The Partridge Family, Mad magazine

Oh my fuck, that was so fascinating, wasn't it?! Now you know me SO WELL! Oh memes -- where have you been all my life?!

Now, apparently, I'm also supposed to tag three other people to keep this charade moving. That's tricky. I don't really know anyone who I dislike enough to do that to. Correction -- I know shitloads of people who I dislike enough... I just don't know their blogs. Okay, well, I guess these would be the ones who would probably hate me the least for tagging them:

The Collective Lens


Liberty Valence (she might actually hate me for tagging her but, frankly, I don't know her that well and the subsequent hate will probably spur some great songs, so there you go)

Lookie there. Post done and not even 10 p.m. yet. I think I'll go shower and wash this post's shittiness off of me.


liberty valence said...

I'll take it as a compliment...?

nora said...

I'm going to take it as a compliment also...

Shannon said...

I knew it would make you crabby!

Jon said...

Memes are like those flashback episodes that 80's sitcoms put together every so often. At first you're happy for a new episode, but you always come away feeling a little unfulfilled.

EOB said...

The wife got her first sewing machine for Christmas and she just bought material to make the boy an apron. Perhaps you two can create a little group. Like challenge each other to make things and then compare. Go!

Rose said...

Okay, Crabbydad, I know you have a crabbyfamily and a crabbylife and all -- but no post for three days? Your fans await!

And seriously - green olives? I didn't know anyone actually enjoyed those things. I thought they were for martinis only (although olives take up space that could be used for more alcohol in a martini if you ask me).

Good luck with the sewing machine! I just HAD to have one, got one, and ended up breaking about two dozen needles before I kicked the thing to the storage room. Now I miss it. ... Maybe I'll bring it back out again and make ... curtains or something.

crabbydad said...

EOB, I like how you say "little group." Next time, just say what you really mean -- "Crabbydad, can you be any gayer?" I can take it.

Sorry for the missed posts, Rose. Won't happen again. And while I love a coupla blue cheese stuffed olives in Martinis (gin, not vodka, thank you) I can eat an entire bottle of those little fuckers in one sitting. Black olives, too. And with those, you have the added bonus of being able to put them on your pinkies and pretending that they're little Russian dancers.

jjs said...

Bombay Gin? Just curious, I find that the more I read the more we have in common which creeps me out just a little.

crabbydad said...

Yeah, Bombay Sapphire. Though I have lately gotten into Plymouth, which rocks! Try it, Foster Brooks!

Evan said...

I didn't even realize I had a blog.