Thursday, February 01, 2007

When Will This Day Endor?!

For a moment, it appeard as if xmas had come early today. The mom of a friend of Miss O's called last night, wondering if Miss O wanted to play with her daughter today. Of course Miss O had school today, but this brilliant mom said, "I thought that maybe, after her kindergarten class this morning, I could pick her up and she could spend the afternoon with us." See, normally, Miss O finishes her kindergarten class and then goes straight to the enrichment program that lasts until 3:40, when Mr. Z gets out. But shit, I was all over this plan.

That meant that I only had to wrangle Mr. Z all afternoon and, just maybe, things might be a little less pig-fuckian. Unfortunately, the boy exhibited some serious crabbitude today, and the afternoon was a wash. It started out okay -- I picked him up from school and, while he had his snack, I finished up a little work on this reggae-ish tune I was doing for work. Now I'm probably the last dude to be attempting to get all irie and shit, but I think it actually turned out quite nicely, mon. I'm telling ya, if I only had to write 10 second looping songs all my life... well, I'd be king of the goddamn 10-second-looping-song-world.

Anywhich, after I finished that up, I promised the boy we could do a little Lego Star Wars on the ol' Gamecube. We never let him use that thing, and I figured, why the shit not. So, we we're over there on Endor, and we were zooming through the forest on those little hover-racer things, and the dude starting yelling at me and shit. At first, I let it pass 'cuz, shit, we were on Endor, zooming through the fucking forest on hover-racer things -- I think yelling is part of the deal. But he got really pissy for some reason and was giving me some serious griefage. Then the game got kinda fucked up and we were stuck in this weird video loop thing. I was trying to fix it (meaning I was repeatedly unplugging the controllers and blowing on them... the extent of my Gamecube repair capabilities) but nothing was working. So he starts yelling at me again, and, while I really didn't want to, I was forced to pull the old "Dude, I asked you a bunch of times to stop talking to me that way, and you're not listening, so we're done." [SFX: me turning game off/him losing his shit].

And thus began the swirling of the potentially mellow afternoon down the shit-filled crapper. I ended up having him go up to his room to chill and read for awhile. He complied. I cleaned the kitchen and then Miss O returned. Dinnertime. Bed.

Oh well, what matters is that there was potential for a fun and mellow afternoon. I'm sure the Bizarro Crabbydad had a fanfuckingtastic afternoon. That bastard.

Now if I only had some doobage, I could fire it up and listen to my 10 second reggae loop for the next half hour.


Jon said...

Ewoks are the devil.

Liz said...

All this crabbitude keeps me from jumpin' off a cliff. Thanks C-dad.

crabbydad said...

That's why I'm here, Liz -- to osmose the suffering of others and plim with their unhappiness.

Oh, and to bitch my crabby ass off.

Nora said...

Totally off topic.
I'm sitting at the newsstand across from Hit City Recording Studio in Indianapolis.
Jonee Quest is sitting across from me. He said that the work on your band was "the best recording he's ever worked on."
He also said that you probably already knew that.
A big discussion just broke out about You Don't Know Jack--lots of fans here.
Happy Super Bowl Sunday.
Go Colts!

crabbydad said...

Wow, say "hey" to Jonee for me, and let him know that, for us as well, it was the best recording we've ever experienced. To this day, those two CDs are the only things I've ever done that I can listen to and actually enjoy. It's the Quest mojo. He should bottle it!

If you want more YDKJ, we're putting it online at just an fyi.

Hope your Colts don't lose too badly tonight.

Sausage. Bears. Ditka.