Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What Mr. Z Eats: Meals 020 and 021

9.16.15 Lunch

MR. Z.: Was not in the mood for pizza, since I downed a big bowl of Cap'n Crunch in my dorm a bit prior, so I got tons of sandwich action (the grilled cheese had tomato in it, which tasted like ketchup, so that's kind of weird) and, of course, some tots.

This meal's color palette:

Not in the mood for pizza?! I didn't think this day would come until second semester of junior year at the earliest. Although I think the double sandwich and the tots more than make up for any damage the pizza might have done. I've seen that color palette so many times now -- it really does look like the car color offerings from a 1981 Chevy Cavalier catalog. "Drive home today in a brand new Chevrolet Cavalier in any of our exciting new colors: Ketchup, Primer, 'Rrhea, Chalk or Ace Bandage!"

9.16.15 Dinner

MR. Z.: MAC AND CHEESE. YES. IT WAS EVERYTHING I WANTED, AND MORE. I ended up getting a second helping. Oh, and I piled on some white bean soup as well for my daily veggie quota. It was actually really good. 

This meal's color palette:

We send him to a fancy private college with his new laptop and his clean sheets, when all he really wanted was mac and cheese. Well, live and learn, I guess. He did finally eat a bowl of soup, though, so I have to give him props. I'm not sure whose digits those are and what the two fingers signify. They could be saying, "You ate TWO helpings of that nefariousness?!" Or they could be saying, "If you choke all that down, you will shit your pants TWO times." Or, more likely, they're just saying, "Pull my finger!"


Kim said...

Now with chocolate milk!.

Shannon Nelson said...

He will soon need a big helping of colon blow!