Saturday, September 12, 2015

What Mr. Z Eats: Meals 013 and 014

9.11.15 Lunch

MR. Z.: Some pasta with basil sauce(?), grilled cheese and finally got some tots. Napoleon would be proud. This is a very earthly-toned meal. Also, look: it's PLAIN MILK!

This meal's color palette:

If Reagan were still president, his ketchup could count as a vegetable, but he's not, so this meal counts as one, giant carbo-rrito. He's choking down a meal with a color palette that is identical to the interior of my mom's old, mid-80s Buick Skylark. And like that car, if he keeps eating like this, he's going to end up with a seriously leaky intake manifold gasket and will definitely have some troubles passing emissions testing. I recommend downing a bottle of this after each meal:

9.11.15 Dinner

MR. Z.: Seems to be a similar exhibition as last night, only with some slightly chewy chicken and a sandwich that happens to contain nothing but hummus and vegetables. Between that and the salad, I'm basically a vegan now. The fries were very good, as usual, and the pizza had some above average crust.

This meal's color palette:

That's a pretty serious gut-pack: pizza, veggie sandwich, chicken, fries and a salad. It's only one slice of pizza this time, mind you. I think that's progress? Although he basically replaced the second pizza slice with the half-sandwich, so never mind. It's kind of like he's bulking up the pipes early in the day with breads, pastas, tots and then desperately introducing a late, fourth-quarter, colon-clearing Hail Mary with the salad. So far, it seems to be working for him -- I haven't received any bills from his school yet for pipe-rodding or cracked porcelain. And it's nice to see that there's milk back in the rotation. Everyone knows that college is a good place for some healthy bones. Wait, that came out wrong...

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