Monday, September 14, 2015

What Mr. Z Eats: Meal 017

9.14.15 Lunch

MR. Z.: Does Commons want me to die?

ME: OMG. Tater tot pizza?!?!

MR. Z.: I know, isn't that amazing! There isn't any left, though, which is probably God's way of sparing me.

ME: You dodged a serious bullet.

MR. Z.: I'll probably wait for a while and get some.

ME: Your colon hates you.

Lunch didn't end there, however...

MR. Z.: Okay, Pasta, chicken and salad. Seems like a nice meal, right? (Other than the fact that the ranch dressing was fucking disgusting).

This meal's color palette:

I think we've all seen that set of swatches before, haven't we? But I saw the little "typing" animation in our IM conversation and knew there was more to come...


MR. Z.: It's the greatest thing I've ever eaten (or at least Top 10 -- I don't know if anything can top Sweet Lorraine's or that mac & cheese grilled cheese sandwich I had once at Bagger Dave's)!

I'm not going to bother creating a color palette for that abomination. I'm still not sure if he sent me a photo of the tater tot pizza or a closeup of the frostbitten foot of that guy from the book "Into Thin Air." I will give him credit for conserving plate space, however. The last time he had pasta, he had a side of pizza and a separate side of tater tots. Now he's consolidating his pizza/potato courses into one handy, congealed "potizzo." See? College really does expose you to new things! [SFX: projectile vomiting]

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