Monday, September 14, 2015

A Short Story from Miss O

Mr. Z informed me that his dinner was pretty boring tonight so I thought I'd share a quick conversation we had with Miss O during our dinner. To set the stage, she was telling us about the ridiculously titled and conceived assembly she had at school today called, "Be Excellent Day." It's a day of pep rallies, short films, music and motivational speakers. Mr. Z had suffered through four "Be Excellent Day"s and now it was Miss O's turn...

MISS O.: This one guy from MSU gave a speech and he was a total douche.

ME: Who was he?

MISS O.: I don't know... I think he was a coach of something. Who's that one coach?

ME: (thinking) Uh... the football coach? Mark Dantonio?

MISS O.: No, I think he was a basketball coach.

ME: It wasn't Tom Izzo, was it?

MISS O.: Yeah, that was him. All he talked about was sports. He was saying "follow your dreams" but he was really just saying "follow your dreams only if it has to do with sports." Total douche. 

I love that Miss O thinks that the longest tenured coach in the Big Ten and one of the most successful college coaches is a total douche. I'm sure he is but you don't even think such things in these parts. I just hope no one in this town reads this blog or our days will be seriously numbered.

Go green, go white?


Duffetta said...

Go Blue!

crabbydad said...

Duffetta, you're going to get us both killed!