Sunday, September 13, 2015

What Mr. Z Eats: Meals 015 and 016

9.12.15 Brunch

MR. Z.: Here's brunch, since I woke up at 11 AM today and didn't leave for Commons until 12:30. Off-brand Lucky Charms and some really flavorless French toast (I couldn't find any syrup, which made me sad). 

This meal's color palette:

Try new "Lucky Chums," with brown stars, beige moons and khaki clovers! I can't really criticize this meal, actually -- the boy's in college and it's a Saturday morning. What better time to eat knock-off Diabete-O's with a glass of Sunny D? The syrup-less French toast is a little pathetic, though. Without syrup, I'm pretty sure it's just called "toast." The color palette tool didn't quite pick up the day-glo hues of the marshmallows. That's okay -- I'm pretty sure they're undigestible, so maybe he can take a picture of them in his stool tomorrow.

9.12.15 Dinner

MR. Z.: Pizza AND chili. Yes, I went there and it was a horrible decision. Let me just say that I felt the pain of this decision around 11:00 PM.

ME: You're a masochist! Nay, you're an assochist!

This meal's color palette:

See? I knew the whole side-salad thing was too good to be true. What's that old saying? "You can take the boy out of the explosive diarrhea but you can't take the explosive diarrhea out of the boy." At least he had the good sense to forego the glass of milk and wash this pending assplosion down with a tall glass of Orange Fanta. He actually sent me a text detailing this meal's effect on the rest of his evening but he appended it with "Don't put that on the blog." Maybe if I just redact the incriminating parts:

MR. Z.:                 I've had yet. Not quite          but almost there. I was          for the rest of the night. I was surprised that I didn't        even once.

I think I'll add a few fresh pairs of boxer-briefs to his next care-package.

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Evie said...

Can't believe he's in college! I love these meal colorways. I subjected my guts to the beigest diet in college. It's hard to avoid though...they really set you up for beigeness.