Friday, January 11, 2008

Como se dice "Muttonhead"?

At 6:45 this evening, someone from Miami, Florida was directed to this blog after doing a Google search for "how do you say burrito in Spanish." I'm not sure if that has made me lose all faith in humanity, or if it has completely restored it. But, as a public service to that person, I will do the translation for them.

"Burrito," in Spanish, is "cago en tu leche."

De nada.


Kim said...

I asked a 16-year-old to translate "cago en tu leche" because, knowing you, I just knew it didn't really mean "burrito."

I was right. You succeeded in embarrassing a pretty unflappable teenager, mister. Good work!

Jasper Mockingbard said...

Given the population of Miami,FL as well as the rest of this freakin' state, I find it odd a translation was needed. However, I must correct you. The actual translation is: "Cago en tu panuelo."
If you don't believe me, go to Taco Hell and have a "bean burrito".

crabbydad said...

Glad I could help, Kim. Always good to keep a 16 year old in his/her place.

And Jasper, your translation is much better. I used to go to Cago Bell regularly and the "Cago con panuelo" was my favorite. Now I just dump my cagos in the tocador where they belong.