Thursday, January 24, 2008

That School's Got No Class...

I was going to write about how the spawnage only had half a day of school today and no school tomorrow, and how every other goddamn day in January and February seems like another no-school day, and how, even though the Old Lady and I split the days when the spawnages are home I never end up getting any work done and I should just assume I won't get anything done and then I could just enjoy the time with them and not worry about working, but for some reason I'm a fucking moron and I think I can actually accomplish something, which I can't, but I have to 'cuz it's Friday and there's shit I have to accomplish... which I won't.

And then I was going to bitch about the fact that I also have to take Miss O to the doctor tomorrow, not because she's sick mind you, but because the fucking doctor won't refill prescriptions over the goddamn phone anymore, fucking dick, so I have to take her into the doctor's office where she will pick up a microbe/spore encrusted Dr. Seuss book, which will infect her fingers, which she will jam into her nose, thus launching the microbe-spores into her briefly-healthy system and she will proceed to actually GET sick. Then I'll be taking aNOTHER trip back to the doctor's office to cure the superbug she would never have caught if the goddamn doctor would've refilled her fucking prescription over the phone in the first place. Fucking dick.

But I'm not going to bitch about that shit 'cuz I'm too tired from working all night on this freelance project I decided to take so I could earn a little extra money so that someday, many years henceforth, we'll be able to finish the dungeon of a basement I work in so I won't dread every fucking day when I have to descend into that hellhole for 10 hours, go back upstairs to cook dinner and put the spawnage to bed, and then re-descend into said hellhole to work on freelance shit so I won't dread every fucking day that I have to descend into that hellhole for 10 hours.

Whoa... I almost got stuck in a stream-of-consciousness feedback loop there.

So, yeah, no post tonight.


Doodaddy said...

Man, do I ever hear you about the doctor's office. I feel like spraying every frikkin' toy in sight, and sometimes I do use copious wipes. Especially on the fishtank which somehow seems to inspire both sneezing (in some) and touching/licking (in my daughter).


Good luck.

Burbanmom said...

You have, perhaps the most aptly-named blog I read. Hope your day fucking improves :-)

Jasper Mockingbard said...

Doctors can be stupid. I would like to bill them for my time spent waiting.

What, exactly, are you trying to accomplish with your "work"?

What type of freelance work do you do?