Monday, January 07, 2008

Talk about Your Power Naps...

We put the spawnage down at the normal time tonight. I left Mr. Z's room at maybe 8:25. A thunderstorm had started and at around 8:37, all the power in the house went out for, say, 10 seconds. When it came back on, I heard Mr. Z yelling from his room:

MR. Z: Hello? Hello?! What happened?!!

ME: (running upstairs) It's okay, Mr. Z. The power went out for a second but it's back on.

MR. Z: (getting totally panicked) Oh no! 8:39?! Oh no! We're late! We're totally late for school!!!

ME: What? Dude, it's 8:39 at night. You've been asleep for, like, four minutes.

MR. Z: What? Oh. Whew. Goodnight.

Every day, little by little, that poor boy is turning into me. Man, I hope he got at least one or two of the Old Lady's genes, or he is fucked.

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