Friday, May 26, 2006

Throw Some Turkey Shrimps on the Bah-Bee

We actually had a little barbeque with the next-door neighbors tonight. How neighborly! Turkey burgers and turkey weinees, with turkey ketchup and turkey mustard. And potato salad. The great thing was that Mr. Z and the boy next-door (you remember... the one who deigned to diss the friendship of Mr. Z) are now all palsy-walsy again. In the words of Mr. Z:

MR. Z: We shook hands and reunited. And each day we're going to shake hands before we play.

They never stay away for too long -- no one is immune to the charms of Mr. Z. Except, of course, me.

The bbq was good -- though it's a bit weird, because the old lady and both of the neighbors are professors while I... I'm a big dummy. There's usually a point in the conversation, when they're getting all academic and everything, that I pretty much feel like this:

Then I usually make a fart joke and everything's fine.

New thought. The old lady was cleaning up the play room yesterday and she had this big pile of papers she was going to toss. I gave her a "hold on there, little missy," because I wanted to see what she was getting rid of. Of course, she came back with her "What are you going to save here?! It's all junk." But they were all drawings and writings that Mr. Z and Miss O had done over the last couple of years and I thought there might be some nuggets of save-worthiness in there. Like this, for ejemplo [click to see]:

It's a "worksheet" that Mr. Z made for Miss O for when they play "daycare," a mysterious game they enjoy in the basement. Mr. Z pretends to be the teacher (or at least an aide, because the teacher is a giant stuffed elephant we have named 'Marta') and Miss O is the student. This is apparently a list of important words for Miss O to learn.

I love how random the three word choices are: bamboo, Gaparon, narwhal. I wish I were there to hear all three used in a sentence together:

I konked the narwhal on the head with bamboo as it attempted to spear the wedge of Gaparon with its horn.

Good job, class. Okay, nap time.


Cazzie!!! said...

Look, here's the thing, being a nurse I work all day long with people who are academics..doctors and the like...but they arent nearly as funny, entertaining and I bet they cannot cook and clean to save tehir lives like you or I can. So..they are impractical at practical things..sure theyre academics, but since when did you have to be smart to have a great conversation...hang on..we are smart crabby dad :)

Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I just wanted to let you know that I've been reading your blog for a while and I love it. I had washclosh in my head all day yesterday, so I listened to it this morning and it immeadiatly put me in a good mood. Your kids are awesome and obviously inspiring. Good job on the offspring!