Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Miss O and Her Drawrings

I kinda feel like I've been neglecting Miss O on the blog, of late. It's a lot of "Mr. Z and his craaaaaazy penis," but I want to make sure Miss O gets her fair shake, if you will. So I must inject a little Title IX into the blog-o-mundo tonight.

The girl has been going nutso with the drawing lately. Sure, she used to draw before, but it was always a scribble here, a scrapple there. Mmmm... scrapple. Now, she is driven with a tunnel-vision-like intensity and frankly, Mr. Shankley, she's cranking out some great shit.

My favorite thing that she's doing right now is adding GIANT BEAVER TEETH to the mouths of every person she draws. Like this:

Those are awesome choppers! They're like Arquette family quality.

She's also picking up a lot from her brother, as evidenced by this, her first comic strip. Notice the talk bubbles and action text:

She's starting to read a lot lately, too, and is, consequently trying her hand at writing as well. Apparently, based on this word, her Montessori class is currently learning how to speak Icelandic:

It's awesome, and I'm loving all the crap she's churning out, but our place is getting overrun with the shit. And I don't have the heart to throw any of it away. The old lady just chucks it, the minute it comes home, but I'm a MAJOR pack-rat and I'm constantly saying, "Ooooh! This one has 18 teeth! And look at all those belly-buttons! We've gotta keep it!" By now, I'm pretty sure most of the problems with deforestation in the world today are a direct result of Miss O and Mr. Z's blossoming art careers.

Maybe I could sell the drawings on ebay as "early Picassos," like those fuckers at Costco. "Starting bid is $10,000 for this very early work from Picasso's 'buck-tooth' period called 'Girl with 47 teeth, arms coming out of her neck, balls for hands and feet and 14 nipples.'"

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