Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Puppetry of the Z-ness...

Well, another Mr. Z project in the ol' hopper -- this one with the "assistance" of the Old Lady instead of me, for a fucking change. Last night, the boy, and m'Lady, finished up the puppets for his "Hoot" book report. I think they turned out pretty Hoot-tastic:

Just the right mix of creative and creepy. Of course, the creepiest of them all has to be the narrator -- I think it's the combination of the woman's owl blouse, the capri pants, the bad-touch moustache, the knowing smirk and the strategically placed popsicle-stick-that-looks-like-a-giant-schvantz.

I'm guessing Mr. Z will get an "A" on the project, and/or the narrator will be turned in to Child Protective Services.

Oh, and check this shit out -- some other kid in Mr. Z's class turned in a model Maglev train for the science project, too! What the shit?! Of course, according to Mr. Z it sucked donkey balls in comparison to the masterpiece that we birthed, but still. Methinks the kid's dad is reading this blog and stealing all my fucking brilliant ideas. I'm telling ya, if there's another skeevy, narrator-molester puppet in class today, heads are gonna fucking roll.


Jasper Mockingbard said...

Well done! How about videoing a puppet show? Maybe you could video puppet reenactments of madcap hilarity and hijinks that overwhelm the lives of the the Crabbys?

Russ said...

Interested idea Jasper.

I do like the smirk on the narrator's face.