Thursday, April 24, 2008

Miss Ollogisms...

After Miss O's bath tonight, as I was drying her off:

MISS O: BRRR!!! I'm freezing!

ME: Hold on... let me just dry off your hair--

MISS O: Well, hurry! My nipples are nipplefish cold!

Then, after dinner, as I was sitting down at the table to suck down a much-needed martooni...

MISS O: What's that?

ME: A martini. Do you want to smell it?

MISS O: Sure!

[she takes a whiff]


OLD LADY: You think it smells good?!

MISS O: Yeah! It smells like Purell!


PG said...

there's nothing better than a nice glass of purell with your sautéed nipplefish.

queen lisa of montreal said...

Beautiful. Just freakin' beautiful. :-)

crabbydad said...

It's strange, but I think all my interactions with Miss O, lately, take the form of Bazooka Joe comics.

Kim said...

Brilliant. A Purell-tini! Drink a couple during cold and flu season to protect yourself from germs!

Miss O has no idea what she's stumbled across.

Monica said...

As a Bazooka Joe fan, I can only rejoice at a world reduced/elevated to it's haiku-like boundaries. Sensibilities, wharever.
I'm calling GOJO Industries - Juniper-scented Purell, a new summer bestseller.

Anonymous said...

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