Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Greatest Show on... a Saturday!

The crabbyfamily hit the circus today and, holy fuckcrap, it was actually big-top-tastic. This being Lansing, and all, I was expecting maybe a hula-hooping dwarf and three-legged dog, but it was truly a three-ring extravagizzle. Because it was 2 1/2 hours long, however, I have not the energy to describe it in detail, so I will recreate the magic for you in chronological, photo-medley form. Let the Show begin...

Adult-Baby Fetishists Love the Circus!

Bet Jumbo Wishes He Could Forget This Indignity

Lights Out, East Lansing!

Half-Nude Circus Fan-Dancers -- You Know... For Kids!

The Amazing Clayton Rosaire, Moments Before He Became The Headless Clayton Rosaire

I've Got It! I'll Ride a Motorcycle 50 Ft. in the Air While You Hang By Your Face

Miss O's Favorite Act: The Dude with the Frisbee Dogs. Great. I could've saved 75 Bucks & Taken Her to the Dog Park

The Amazing Ms. Angela & Her Aerial Pelvic Exam!

The Official "What the Shit?!" Moment: Overactor Strangled By Boxing Kangaroo

Bear Trainer James Hall Moments Before He Became Dining Hall

The Flying Espanas & Their Jump Off The Swing Into A Giant Bedsheet Deathwish-O-Rama

The Cortes Family Isn't The ONLY Thing Flying through the Air with the Greatest of Ease

Mongolian Contortionist Ms. Uugantuya's Not Afraid to Show-It-Tuya -- This Was the Exact Moment That Mr. Z Reached Puberty

Apparently This Pachyderm Forgot To Pack-A-Lunch

The Real Reason Woolly Mammoths Became Extinct

A Horrifying Apparition of the Exhumed, Desiccated Body of Bozo's Roy Brown

Sing Us Out, Ringmaster Billy!

And Finally, A Page from the Program -- You Know... For Kids!


Monica said...

0 comments on a 3 day old post means:
1. Everyone is occupied doing taxes.
2. Nobody likes the circus. Really.
3. You are a caption KING and there is nothing else to say. Really.

crabbydad said...

I think you forgot #4, Monica:

4. These cheap ass mofos will stop by and read my free drivel, sure, but they're too fucking lazy to leave a goddamn comment. Throw me a bone, people! Maybe an occasional "LOL" or a winking emoticon, or even a "This isn't funny -- you suck!" I'm all alone here... well, except for you, Monica.