Thursday, May 31, 2007

Attention, Space Nerds!

Mr. Z has never quite gotten over the fact that the Star Wars saga has come to an end. He often asks me, "How can George Lucas just end it?! Why won't he do another episode?!" I explain that he probably feels that he has told the entire story, he wants to leave things on a high note, and that he probably wants to pursue other interests, like trying to combat the nefarious, undulating flesh orb that's attempting to overtake his neck:

Never one to be denied, the boy has apparently decided to craft his own Episode 7. It's called "The Bounty Hunter Saga" and I guess the storyline follows the paths of nine bounty hunters, post-whatever-the-fuck-happened-in-Episode-6. But I should really let Mr. Z explain the plot in his own nerds... er, words:

Actually, it sounds pretty damn interesting. Beats the shit out of that Jar-Jar Binks bullfuck. Damn, I've gotta get the boy his own video camera. I can see it now -- Boba Fett and his Bounty Hunter armada, speeding toward Chaos City in their Slave I Pursuit Vessels, in search of the astro droid named BB-19... all to the tune of "Barbie Girl."


Jon said...

That's amazing. And I love that you honed in on the one thing I hone in on everytime I see a picture of George Lucas....what the fuck is that goiter on his neck?

crabbydad said...

Part of me is repulsed by the fleshy neck flap, yet part of me wants to lightly talc and bite it.

dpk (nee dk) said...

It looks like you know what to get Mr. Z for the gift giving event of your choice:

It appears he's got a "tibor" theme going.

crabbydad said...

DPK, your true geekitude is showing. Actually, that's perfect for his pending b-day. Thanks! (And say "hey" to JPK for me, too!)