Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Hard Drive's a Tad Floppy...

My goddamn 300GB external hard drive 'sploded the other day at the worst possible time ever. I've gotta record a song by the spawnage for my dad's birthday that's in a week, I've gotta record some music for work AND the entire Crabbydad family just wrote our first song together that I'm dying to record before I fucking forget it, which I will because my mind's turning to malt-o-meal and I can't... I, uh... can't... wait, what was I just saying?

(But I still remember the stereotaxic instrument, so all's not lost just yet.)

So, yeah, the drive blew up. It was the drive that had all my awesome samples on it: the symphonic shit and all the drum shit. Motherfucker. I just shipped it off to Texas -- like those fucking mouth-breathers are gonna know what to do with it. That's the last time I buy an external hard drive based solely on the fact that the company name sounded like a transformer-robot/Rush song (Maxtor).

There was a great article in the NY Times today about crafting the ultimate martini, and guess what -- I already drink their number one choice for gin: Plymouth. Best gin ever. I celebrated by whipping up a little drinky-poo to go along with my din-din. Made me feel all buttery inside. And by the way, the Times agrees with me that a martini made with vodka ain't no goddamn martini. It's a marti-no-siree-bob. It's funny -- I actually don't drink very often, and when I do pour myself the odd cocktail, I always feel like I'm doing something sneaky. Like my parents are going to walk in at any moment and bust my ass. That, and I feel a little like Darren Stevens. The first Darren, not the second one. The second one was a cock.

Oh, and one thing they didn't mention in that article -- martinis don't go very well with a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios and soy milk.

I'm going to lie down now.


Jon said...

I had the exact same thing happen to me, also with a Maxtor. So now I have two external drives, backing one another up. It sucks, but I got tired of re-buying "Breakfast in America"

crabbydad said...

Good to know. By the way, what's with the "This blog is open to invited readers only"? Us midwesterners not hip enough to read about your french dip sammies?

Jon said...

Ha. Job interview. Afraid of googled results, if you get my drift. If you want access, email me at hendyis [at]

I'm not be elitist....just need a better jobby job and don't want to get screwed over because of my thoughts on purple banana's foster bars.

Eolande said...

Thanks for writing this.