Friday, May 25, 2007

Put a Barbie Doll in Your Butt...

We were driving home from dinner and a quick cone at "Tasty Freeze," when we heard a song on the radio that may very well displace "Barbie Girl" as Mr. Z's 24-hour-a-day song obsession:

I guess the MSU station was doing some wacky '80s night, or something, but from the minute Eddie Murphy started singing, Mr. Z and Miss O were laughing their asses off. I mean, if you think about it, "Boogie in Your Butt" has to be the funniest goddamn song in the world if you are five or eight years old. Or 42. I haven't heard that thing since college, but it even got a couple of nose laughs from me.

I promised the spawn that I would burn it onto a disk for them this weekend. Shit, I'll fly 1980s Eddie Murphy in for a concert in the backyard, if it'll get Mr. Z to stop playing that fucking "Barbie Girl" dreck.


Queen Lisa of Montreal said...

I think the LPA (Little People of America) might have something to say about the line "put a little man up your butt". Aaaaaaaand...I'm no fortune teller, but I see many parent/teacher conferences in your future if Mr. Z starts singing that song at school."Um, yes, Mr. Z's Dad. Mr. Z is encouraging some rather unusual forms of entertainment with the other children. While this school encourages boogieing as much as the next, we CAN NOT condone radiators or bees up someone's butt..." Luuuuuuucy, you got some 'splainin to do!

Kim said...

I often quote the line "put a tin can in your butt, put a little tiny man in your butt" as a coolness barometer for new people I encounter. If they immediately laugh and know it's from the Eddie Murphy song, I'm assured we'll get along fine.

Just keep Mr. Z away from "Party All The Time." You don't want that in your head all day.

crabbydad said...

Queen Lisa, it's better than when he was singing the "Barbie Girl" lyrics at school:

I'm a blonde single girl in the fantasy world
Dress me up, take your time, I'm your dollie
You're my doll, rock and roll, feel the glamour and pain
Kiss me here, touch me there, hanky-panky

Hey, at least he's not like me when I was a kid, singing the lyrics to "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang."

Kim, that's a great coolness barometer. And if they don't pass, you just say "See you later... in your butt." Think I'll try it.

Kim said...

She's so sweet when she yanks on my meat
Down on the street you know she can't be beat

Ahhh, yes. The wonder that is Uncle Ted.

Be sure Mr. Z. doesn't get ahold of THAT one.

queen lisa of montreal said...

You could burn a cd for Mr.Z. of all the songs that would get him expelled for singing. He could keep it on him, ready to go in an Ipod like a musical cynaide capsule in case the school system just got unbearably stupid and oppressive for him. Wang Dang Sweet Poontang would be a good lead off song in that mix, for sure. Though I just watched an old video of Dr. Hook's 'Baby makes her blue jeans talk' on YouTube. The lyrics are more moronic than offensive, but the images of all these creepy, smarmy guys following some ass swinging chic around. Eeeeeeee...But, I digress. We're talking music that will get him expelled based on lyrics, not creepy production values of the video...