Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dad, Meet My New Girlfriend... Her Name is Cujo...

I've mentioned recently that Mr. Z has been obsessing about this girl in his class for the last month or so. It's very complex -- first he "liked" her, so naturally he told all of his friends, who, as fourth graders are required by law to do, went and told her, and then she apparently freaked out, and now Mr. Z claims that whenever he's near her, "she makes this really mean face and kind of growls like a pit bull." Ah, true love.

So, pretty much every conversation with the boy, lately, somehow involves "the pit bull." She's also letting her presence be known in Mr. Z's artwork, as well. Here's a great drawing Mr. Z did of his latest video game idea, called "Robo Kool." It's based on his "Skool Kool" drawings/writings, which are based on his real-life skool. The drawings are hilarious -- the teachers are all evil, the kids do battle inside these big 'ol robots, and it's just unbridled Mr. Z wackiness at its finest:

My favorite part, though, is this little detail:

That's Mr. Z on the right, giving the evil-eye to a bikini-clad "pit bull." If you'll notice, the mere sight of her in all her coconut-bra glory is literally causing his lid to flip. I think that's one of my all-time favorite drawings of his. His expression is killing me!

Puberty's gonna be a bizznitch for that boy, lemme tell ya.

Not to leave Miss O's artistic crabbility out, she's been totally going to town on her ongoing study of "Girl Surfing the Shit out of a Tsunami":

If I ever decide to get another tattoo, that may very well be it. Hell, maybe I'll have them throw lid-flipping-evil-eye-Mr.-Z on the board, as well. With that mofo on my back, I'd be boss-o-the-beach for sure.


queen lisa of montreal said...

Mr.Z. here looks like the main character in an old British cartoon, "Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings" that I was totally addicted to as a kid. And I love, love, love Ms.O's glorious cosmic surfing. Man, when you can ride the power of a tsunami, you got it goin' on...these are great. What a cool way to start the day, thanks for posting these :-)

Rita said...

I think I might like to get a Mr Z flipping his lid tattoo. I love the expression on his face - like, whatever, you think you're so cool in your coconut bra, but also holy crap! a cocounut bra!