Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Japaneasy Does It, Miss O!

Well, it only took 5 1/2 years, but we've finally figured out what Miss O likes to eat. We took the Old Lady out for sushi on Mother's Day, which can be a dangerous venture in the "Land of Dough & Ham," but the place is actually not too horrible, so what the shit. When I mentioned where we were going, Miss O said, "Ooh! I looooove sushi!" which would be great, but she's basically never had it before, so she was just talking out of her ass. Okay, once I attempted to make sushi at home, but she didn't like any of the ingrediments that I was putting in it, so she basically ate a ball of rice... ergo, she loves sushi.

So we get there and order -- the Old Lady and I got a few rolls, Mr. Z got a teriyaki chicken bento box thing, and Miss O got the salmon bento box. They bring these boxes out, and Miss O's had 1) a pretty good-sized hunk o' salmon, B) three California rolls, iii) some veggie/shrimp tempura, 4) some broccoli and carrots, and E) some salad.

She ate about half the soup, didn't really like the salad, and then proceeded to eat every fucking morsel within a three-foot radius of her pie-hole. Fucking inhaled the shit. Salmon: gone. Tempura: gone. She sucked down the California rolls and THEN, when she noticed Mr. Z wasn't eating his, ate the three on his plate. At one point, she had a piece of sushi around her finger like a ring and was sucking the avocado out with her nostrils.

And after she obliterated her meal, she started in on mine. She saw the tobiko roll (red & orange flying fish roe) and asked if she could try it. I said, "You know, those are fish eggs." She said, "Mmmmm!" She vacuumed those fuckers up like an aquatic-reverse-easter-bunny.

It was insanity. The girl has never eaten like that before in her life. In the back of my head, I was waiting for the whole scene from "Alien" to start playing out, with Miss O collapsing on the table and a baby alien exploding out of her abdomen, but it never did. She eventually ran out of food and then we ordered some of those awesome ice-cream-balls-encased-in-dusty-sugary-scrotum-esque things (moji?) and she scarfed down one of those fuckers, as well.

Needless to say, we may be going back there for every meal. Mr. Z, of course, is not a fan. Zeus forbid, the two of them like the same goddamn restaurant. And I don't know if it has anything to do with her increased caloric intake, but Miss O's drawings have exploded and gotten much more intense, since that meal. This one's my favorite:

I'm pretty sure it's a picture of her eyeing an errant piece of food on the floor, under a table at the opposite end of the restaurant. It's called, "Hey Lady, You Gonna Eat Yer Fatty Tuna?!"

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Anonymous said...

HA! That's great... My older two love sushi as well...I can't eat the ones with avacado though. Allergic.