Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Trading One Ache for Some Others...

Well, my toothache seems to have vanished, which is good and bad. It's good in that... well, my toothache vanished. It's bad because now I will forget about it and do nothing to ensure that it doesn't start aching again in the near-future. Why? 'Cuz that's what we morons do, dad-gummit.

I'm sure the throbbing will resurface this weekend, however, as we're loading up the car and driving to suburban Chicago tomorrow afternoon to visit my folks. Just a quick jaunt before the spawn start camp next week. Enough time to completely fuck up their sleeping schedule and get them all unbalanced before tossing them into a completely new situation with completely new kids and completely new routines. I know... I'm part of the problem. I don't learn, see? That's the theme of tonight's post.

One potential plus -- it looks like I'll be golfing early Saturday morning with some work chums. First time in over two years, which will be nice, because I haven't pulled any muscles deep in my back for quite some time now. And I've had this urge to piss away a huge chunk of money and get heatstroke. So that should be fun.

But for now, I must sleep. The Old Lady went out to dinner tonight and I had to put both spawnages to sleep, which is always a taint-splitter. I did tell them a story tonight about how they battled a dragon that breathed fire, vomited lava and crapped out the "turds of 1000 deaths." They defeated it with a fire extinguisher, a bubbling cauldron of Pepto-Bismol and the world's largest diaper. The dragon eventually became their friend, and they named him Johnny Poopshooter. They seemed to dig the tale, but I'm gonna have to live with them calling everyone Johnny Poopshooter for a couple of weeks.

Again, I'm part of the problem.

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