Tuesday, June 19, 2007

She Don't Need Much...

There's only one thing that soothes the savage crab, and that's a smokin' recording session with the spawnage. Last night, I was able to get Miss O to record the song she was singing to herself while playing with her Groovy Girls. I stuck her in front of the mic and she belted it out in three minutes, tops.

Then last night, I added in the music. I tried to cram in all my fancy new toys, I played some drums, threw some horns in there, a wacky keyboard bass part and a completely moronic fuzz-guitar riff. I finished it tonight, and I present it to you, gentle reader. I give you "A Cool Pair of Shoes (Is All I Need)," by The Miss O Beat!

"A Cool Pair of Shoes (Is All I Need)" by THE MISS O BEAT


Kim said...

THAT IS GREAT! The girl's got a future--I'm tellin' ya!

I can see a street-dance montage to this song in the next Austin Powers movie!

Go Miss O!!

Anonymous said...

Bruther: This song rocks! It is by far the coolest song I've heard in ages. Yea, Miss O!

nora said...

And just the antidote to the Nuge show that I attended last night.
I'm off to search for a tweed pair of shoes to wear to the disco...or my not-for-profit job.

Crescent said...

Painfully adorable as usual. My husband blames these songs on my increasing need/want to have wee ones of my own.

What does she say at the very end of the song? It sounds like "BODYSHOP!"

crabbydad said...

I'm glad everyone is enjoying it -- there's a video in the works, potentially. It'll be insane.

Miss O is saying "Boddachock!" at the end. It's one of her made up words that she yells when she strikes a karate pose. It's the best word ever.

Quirkee James (formerly Daddy-O) said...

Your blog cracks me up! I mentioned you today in my column at Quirkee.com.



crabbydad said...

Wow, James, thanks for the "shout-out," as the hep cats say! It's always a bonus when actual people read my drivel. I shall check out quirkee.com and check your look, and I encourage all my "reader" to do so, as well!

Kevin said...

Cool tune.