Monday, June 25, 2007

Aye, Tunes!

So, I'm trying to find the right songs to load onto my SwiMP3 player, and it ain't that fucking easy. When I tried it out on Sunday, I just had a random smattering of shit that I dumped on there, just to see if the thing would work. Some songs were great and some made me want to drown.

For example, Olivia Newton John and ELO doing "Xanadu," perfect. Black Sabbath's "Neon Lights," surprisingly, not so great while swimming laps. Bjork's "Isobel," ideal. "Bad Reputation," by Thin Lizzy? Actually gave me a mild case of "the bends."

So I iTunes-ed some shit tonight that I thought would perfectly soundtrack my watery workout tomorrow morning, at way-the-fuck-too-early-in-the-a.m. Here are the first 10 songs I loaded up:

1. "You Just May Be the One" -- The Monkees
2. "Twilight" -- ELO
3. "Awoo" -- The Hidden Cameras
4. Feelin' So Good (S.K.O.O.B.Y. D.O.O.) -- The Archies
5. "Knights of Cydonia" -- Muse
6. "The Golden State" -- John Doe
7. "Mrs. Brown, You've Got an Ugly Daughter" -- The Queers
8. "New Slang" -- The Shins
9. "Back of My Hand" -- The Jags
10. "Little Red Light" -- Fountains of Wayne

Holy fuckstain, looking at it now, that's the most random list of songs I could've possibly picked. It'll either be the greatest workout ever, or they'll be fishing a bloated me from the deep-end with the giant hook.

It's kind of exciting...


Lizzy said...

It's difficult to find the right tempo for swiming, as it's not as frantic as running or biking. But I found it:
All though swim-team practice in high school, I used to do my strokes to the perfectly paced rhythm of "I Touch Myself." Perhaps inappropriate for a yong woman sharing a lane with several fit teenagers, but it kept me on time...still does.

not chris said...

Call me lame, but the Theme from Rocky pretty much always works for me during a workout... especially at the end when I'm about ready to call it quits. It kind of demands that you sprint.

If you do that though, just watch out for all the kids jumping in to swim behind you... both because they get in the way, and because they drown easily.

crabbydad said...

Lizzy, I don't think "I Touch Myself" is any less appropriate when sharing a lane with several, wrinkly over-90-year-olds. Besides, there's enough mystery effluvia floating around in that pool, already -- I don't need to be adding any more.

Not Chris, you're right... you're lame.