Sunday, February 25, 2007

When Will This Weekend?

Very busy weekend, so my postage has been nil. Yesterday, the old lady and I lost our minds and we decided to do some gonzo parenting -- go against our impulse to "veg" and "stay inside" and just pack the day full of child-oriented "fun." Of course, the spawnage fought us every step of the way -- they weren't going to have any of this "fun" without putting up some serious resistence.

We started out the insanity by attending this Children's Film festival at MSU. We went there last year and it kinda blew so... we went again. This year didn't disappoint. A room full of snot-encased, coughing kids, some crappy movies and shitty sound. Seriously, half of the movies (and they weren't really movies -- the longest one was about 10 minutes) were so fucking quiet that I literally couldn't hear them over Mr. Z's wheezing and the sound of Miss O growing. There were a couple of fun little vignettes, though. One was called "Dorme," and it was this acid-induced, freaky kid's dream sequence with an awesome soundtrack. Then there was... no, the rest were crap.

70 interminably long and quiet minutes later, we went out to lunch. We were going to take them to this new-looking organic cafe ("Green River Cafe," I think?) but the kids whine-ily bonged it, and we ended up at Cosi -- generic, bland pseudo-Italian sandwich cuisine. Getting those two to go out to eat is so fucking painful -- I just don't get it. I used to LOVE going out as a kid... and even to the shitty places we used to go to, like Phil Johnson's, where my sister and I once watched a 200 year old lady literally fell asleep in her soup, or Brown's Chicken, where... they served veiny fried chicken. But the kids actually seemed to enjoy themselves, so maybe next time it won't be so painful to get them to go out. But it will.

THEN, we went home, put on our arctic tundra-wear and went sledding. Fucking nuts, we are. We went to the shitty little hill because Mt. Kilimanjokemos was mostly melted, but it was still fun. No one was there and the snow was all icy, so we got some good velocity. It was great until one run, when I went down with the old lady lying on top of me and I was racked by an unseen icy speed-bump. It's now official -- whether we want to or not, I will never again sire another child.

After that, I went swimming, the spawn watched a Scooby-Doo movie and the old lady passed out on the couch. Dinner, bed, the end.

Today has been much less ambitious. Actually, it's ambitious-less. The old lady and I have been reading the NY Times and the kids are doing whatever it is they're doing. Breaking shit and being loud? Couldn't tell you. I am going to try to wrangle Miss O into finally finishing her "Meep Flop" song today. Right, like that'll happen. In the meantime, I've posted her last successfully recorded complete song (from August of 2005 when she was still three and had tonsils/adenoids the size of grapefruits) in the "Now Playing" section. "Dracula's Walk Day." One of my faves.

And... that's it.

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