Thursday, February 08, 2007

Remember, If You're Going to Punch Her in the Arm, Be Sure to Wear a Mitten...

Well, both kids are officially sick now, and my parents are supposed to come out for a visit this weekend. Great timing. I actually suggested that they postpone the trip until the following weekend, when the kids have their ludicrous 5-day President's Weekend No-School-a-thon. Fucking winter. What a dick.

So, as Mr. Z was getting ready for bed tonight, we had the following chat:

MR. Z: I can't wait to sleep tonight so I can have some special dreams!

ME: Special dreams? About what?

MR. Z: I'm TOTALLY not telling you!

ME: What, do you have a crush on a girl at school or something?


He then tried to deny that he had a crush, and started doing this wiggly dance around his room. Then I told him that I thought it was cute that he had a crush, and that it was completely normal for a kid his age. He said:

MR. Z: Yeah, but you don't know WHO I have a crush on!

ME: Is it that girl from the music program who was wearing that Native American costume? What's her name again... is it A?


After a few more laps around his room doing the lid-flipping-love-shimmy, he settled down and we had a little talk. It's interesting, because she's the only other fourth-grader who skipped a grade and is only eight. I asked him how she makes him feel, and he said:

MR. Z: I feel like I'm flying up into the air. It's a really, really nice feeling.

It's also interesting that this is the second girl he's ever had a crush on -- the first one was named after a Roman goddess, and the second, a Greek goddess.

If he ever meets a girl named after a Star Wars character, his fucking head'll explode.


natasha said...

Oh my God this is too adorable to bear.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, my daughter's named after a Roman goddess, but she's older than Mr. Z. She's 12. Name's Juno. I can assume it's not the same girl ...
The other day you mentioned that you were wondering if the kids are going to grow up being twisted because you were feeling guilty about something ... I don't remember what it was. I hate to tell you this, dude, but your kids are going to grow up to be so fucking normal, it's not funny. They are going to be well-adjusted, sane, intelligent people who have compassion and a sense of humor. They are going to be good communicators and their children will love them. Just as yours love you.

Jon said...

Seriously. Let's just hope her name isn't "Greedo".

Brett said...

Mr. Z shot first.