Monday, February 26, 2007

Shhh! Don't Jinx It!

I don't know what happened -- perhaps the planets aligned, maybe someone slipped some quaaludes into her Cheerios, maybe it didn't really happen at all, but yesterday, Miss O actually recorded her vocals for her latest song without flipping her lid. AND, the song's ready. I didn't want to sit on it for too long for fear that it would slip through my fingers like gossamer, so I mixed it tonight and I'm calling it done. I was going to add an upright bass part, but fuck it. It's done.

I don't want to bias anyone before hearing it, but suffice it to say that it very well could be the sweetest song ever captured on tape since the beginning of time. All right, I've said too much. Here it is, recorded on Sunday, February 25, by Miss O, at age five and four months. I give you, "Meep Flop"!

"Meep Flop" by THE MISS O BEAT

Meep Flop is my best friend,
She lives in Meep Land.
She lives under a trap-door,
In the laundry room.

I like to go to the Carnival
And get two cotton candies.

Meep Flop sleeps over with me,
She hogs all the blankets.
She has blond hair, she's as tall as me,
She is 10 years old.

And she doesn't have glasses like me,
And she has braces on her teeth.

Meep Flop is my best friend
And she plays with me! Hey!

© 2007 Miss O Music


Evan said...

I didn't think Miss O would ever be able to top Dracula's Walk Day, but Meep Flop is a hit! I love the melody of the chorus/bridge/whatever it is.

crabbydad said...

Thank you, Evan. At least SOMEBODY out there appreciates the music the spawn creates. Cripes, what does a guy gotta do to get a comment around here.

Evan, I will let Miss O know that YOU and YOU ALONE enjoyed her song.

Anonymous said...

I think she sounds absolutely SWEET.

And you REALLY are crabby hehehehehehe

hats off to you!

crabbydad said...

Thanks, "I think you're crazy...." She does sound sweet... that's how she gets you. Kinda like the Sirens in Greek mythology. Their sweet song lures you in and the next thing you know, your boat is in splinters and your crew is getting eaten by some three-headed dog with snakes for hair.

nora said...

I had a really thoughtful comment written the other day, but it would not post.
I think I can remember it...

crabbydad said...

I'll let her know, Nora. Wow, it's amazing how many posts a little guilt will elicit. My Mom's a genius!

Rev. Harlow Jesse Carpenter said...

"Meep Flop" is another gorgeous tune, beautifully sung and expertly produced. My fear is that you're not exploiting the talents of your spawn to the degree you should. Kicksome and The Miss O Beat could sell thousands of CDs (or iTunes downloads or whatever), especially to the kiddie market ready to branch out from the Wiggles, Raffi and the like. Music FOR spawn BY spawn - you know what I'm sayin'? Do you smell the cashola (oh, and the artistic satisfaction for Z and O, or something)?

Jon said...

It's nice to see she's not letting herself be pigeon-holed into just one style by the success of "Wonderwoman Won". She's truly a versatile artist.

Anonymous said...

She is maturing as a vocalist, that's for sure. Her timbre has, ah, enrichened since Dracula's Walk Day.

Best Regards.

natasha said...

ADORABLE! I can't wait until my little lady is old enough to record music. Miss O will be her mentor.

Jerry said...

Meep Flop ROX!

Lauren said...

great tune, i agree with the Rev. on this one!