Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Puddin' Myself to Bed...

Hey, get me -- I'm typing in my bed. Woo-hoo! Wi-finally! Unfortunately, I'm tired as dick and I have nothing to say.

I would tell you all about the new headgear Mr. Z got at the orthodontist today, but the photos are on the computer in the basement and I can't get them from up here. So yeah, that sucks.

I think my brain hurts 'cuz I had to start writing again at work today. I've been doing music for weeks now, and while hectic as shit, it's been a fucking blast. Now I've gotta get back into writing mode and the ol' gray matter's feeling a bit like puddin'. Puddin'. I love puddin'. I like taking a big ol' spoon of puddin' and sticking it up on the roof of my mouth and then trying to say the word "puddin'." It sounds like, "Poogie."


You know, maybe I'll write tomorrow's post back in the basement.

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