Tuesday, February 06, 2007

How Many White Blood Cells Does the Kid Have... Two?!

I've gotta start keeping track of the times I begin my posts with, "Well, Miss O's got another goddamn cold." I guess this wouldn't be one of them, seeing as how I didn't actually start with that line. Hm. I've gotta start keeping track of the times I use "Well, Miss O's got another goddamn cold," as my second sentence.

She was healthy for, what, a week and a half? A new fucking record. It was bizarre -- she was actually fine when she got home from school, and then around 5 p.m., her nose filled up with 20 gallons of shnottage and it was all over. I think it's the house. We probably have that killer mold living in the walls. Along with the fucking woodpeckers. Killer moldy woodpeckers. That's it -- next house we get is gonna be all cinder blocks.

Mr. Z's kinda getting his ass in some trouble at school. His teacher sent us an e-mail saying that he's been fucking around in class a bit, of late. Apparently, he occasionally wanders around the class and doesn't sit still. I guess today he got busted when they were doing two-digit multiplication, and he was doodling in his notebook. His teacher caught him and he didn't know what the shit they were working on. I know it's because he's bored -- when I sat down with him to do the math after school, he had no problem. Math just bores the shit out of him. And he's a total spazzmo. This is an actual picture of him "relaxing" and working on one of his comics:

Looks relaxing, huh. When he's reading or doing something he loves, he's like one of those people from "Awakenings." Doesn't even blink. But throw a fucking fraction at the kid and he's GOTTA MOVE!

But that's part of his charm, really. I mean, he's two years younger than the other kids in his class, and grades aren't a problem for him. He's just gotta figure out how to chill the shit out. We'll just implement some more behavior mod with the boy. Probably do some sort of reward for good reports from school -- a movie, time on the Gamecube, cash... gum. I guess, ideally, we'd put him in some "arts" kind of school, like we did back in Chicago. But he does really like the school he's at now -- great teachers and he's got lots of friends.

Ah, everything will even out when he goes to college... at age 16.


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