Monday, August 21, 2006

Too Depressed to Even Pun...

Just watched the Spike Lee documentary "When the Levees Break" on the HBO. I'm too depressed to crack wise about poop tonight. What a fucking disaster. And here I was hoping that in September we'll win back some seats in the mid-terms to offset the conservative strangle-hold on the country... but seriously, what the shit is that gonna do? This fucking country doesn't give a rat's ass about any serious social/racial/class issues, and it never will -- as long as "the gays" aren't allowed to marry each other and we build a big-ass wall on the Mexican border and everyone gets their goddamn $100 tax refund in the spring, all is fucking hunky-dory with the world.

I think the only logical thing to do is move the family to that research station in the South Pole.

Look at that. Nice sunset... snow... penguins. The kids love the penguins. I'll bet it's really quiet there, too. You know, it's probably not that much different than working in the basement. Yep. South Pole. That's the new plan.

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