Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Shit Sandwich

Day four and, at least in our humble home, this remains the funniest fucking thing on Earth:

MR. Z: Uh-oh, Dad! Look what happened to my sandwich!

ME: Whoa, how did THAT get there?! That must be a POO-nut BUTT-er and SMELL-y sandwich!

MR. Z: [blows milk through nose]

Bless you, "The Ultimate Joke's on You 12 Pranks Kit"!


Kim said...

Holy crap, that's funny!

Mr. Z is indeed the shit.

Kim said...

Just thought I'd pass along the fact that while I was emptying the potty chair at work today (full of the 2-year-old's No. 2), I thought of your Mr. Z.

I'm sure he'd be thrilled to know that. :o)

crabbydad said...

And if you tossed it into an envelope and sent it to him, he'd be even thrilled... ier.

Maybe you could hire him to do the potty chair emptying for you. It would be the best job he'd ever have.