Monday, August 07, 2006

It's Just a Short Chimp Shot onto the Green...

Well crap, I was going to put a photo up here tonight but Blogger is being a dick, so now I have to actually write something. Fucker.

Hell, I don't know... I was working today and nothing really came up. Let's see... oh, I forgot that the other day, before Mr. Z's party, I told Mr. Z and Miss O that the zoo was going to let them each take home a monkey after the party as a special gift for the birthday boy and his sister. Instead of jumping around and saying, "Yay! We get to have our own monkeys!" or some shit like that, they both simultaneously shouted:



First of all, they think they're actually going to get their own live monkeys and the first thing they come up with is what they're going to name them?! That just seems kind of odd to me. If my dad had told me I was going to get a monkey, I would have said (after laying a giant turd in my Underoos), "NO FUCKING WAY!!!! A MONKEY?!! CAN I DRESS IT UP LIKE A PERSON AND EVERYTHING?!!! But they go for the names.

Which brings me to the next question... TODD?! AND EMILY?! Those are, at the same time, the WORST and the GREATEST names for monkeys EVER! Those are like country-club monkey names.

EMILY: Why hello there, Todd. I heard you had quite the round on the links this morning. Would you care to join me for a wine spritzer in the Ambassador's Club this afternoon?

TODD: Ooh, no can do, Emily. I'm taking a steam in 15 and after that, Brad and I are going to be flinging our shit at the wall until dinner. I'll take a rain check though, Pookums.

Todd and Emily. Classic.

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